Enhancing the quality of life in Peachtree Corners by bringing people together through shared experiences in the arts.  We are a  non-profit organization that sprouted from years of work as the city commissioned Arts Council.  Our aim is to create a vibrant community - and a sense of place and belonging in Peachtree Corners - via the visual, musical and performing arts. 

What is PTC Arts?

Peachtree Corners Arts Inc (PTC Arts) is a non-profit organization in Peachtree Corners, GA dedicated to bringing the community together by providing accessible art in all its forms- visual, performance, musical, and more.  

When was PTC Arts formed?

The seeds for PTC Arts were planted years ago.

2016- In 2016 the City of Peachtree Corners, GA created an Arts Council comprised of volunteer citizens.  The Arts Council began by imagining all the ways that arts and cultural activities could impact the city.  The goal was to ponder ways to enhance the quality of life throughout the community and to bring people together through shared experiences.  

Town Green-   One of the early endeavors of the Arts Council was to design activities and events for the not-yet-opened Town Green.  Many of the events and activities that happen today on the Green were born in those initial Arts Council meetings. 

2018-   By 2018 the Arts Council developed a formalized plan for providing arts and culture to Peachtree Corners.  The Plan, known as The Arts and Culture Master Plan, was officially adopted by the City.  But it was just the start of planning. 

2020-   While the Arts and Culture Master Plan formed the framework for creating a sense of place and belonging in Peachtree Corners, the Arts Council drilled deeper to further refine a vision and set of goals for public art opportunities within the city.  By 2020, a formal plan called the Peachtree Corners Public Art Initiative was created.  It identified specific areas around town for art installations and other cultural amenities. 

2023- In 2023 PTC Arts was officially formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The EIN is 93-1727552.

What is PTC Arts currently working on?

Check out the growing list of projects on the Art/Events page.  There you will see past endeavors of PTC Arts as well as future plans to enhance the beauty and quality of life in Peachtree Corners.

How can you contribute?

Help bring the arts to Peachtree Corners!  You can be a part of enhancing the arts and culture in Peachtree Corners by clicking on the Donate Page .  You can also mail a donation to: Peachtree Corners Arts Inc, P.O. Box 922469, Peachtree Corners, GA 30010.  

Peachtree Corners Public Art Initiative

Culture and Public Art Master Plan

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