Enhancing the quality of life in Peachtree Corners by bringing people together through shared experiences in the arts.  We are a  non-profit organization that sprouted from years of work as the city commissioned Arts Council.  Our aim is to create a vibrant community - and a sense of place and belonging in Peachtree Corners - via the visual, musical and performing arts. 

Debbie Mason Memorial Garden

An aesthetic and contemplative garden space will be nestled in an area of the Peachtree Corners Botanical Garden in honor of Debbie Mason.  A group of Peachtree Corners residents, with a shared goal of love for Debbie and all that she has done for the City, has formed the Debbie Mason Memorial Committee (DMMC) to raise funds to build a lovely, mosaic filled garden oasis that will delight with flowering color each season.  The goal of the DMMC is to preserve the memory of Debbie by transforming a space in the City's Botanical Garden walk that will offer Peachtree Corners residents a quiet place to reflect, connect and rejuvenate among vibrant colored seasonal plantings and mosaic tiled artwork.  It is the hope of the DMMC that this garden will bring people together the way Debbie brought people together to build the community of Peachtree Corners. 

As part of the mission to bring creative placemaking opportunities to the community,  Peachtree Corners Arts has collaborated with the DMMC and will facilitate fundraising and construction of the project.  

The DMMC is working with Peachtree Corners Arts, whch is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, to collect donations.  Your tax deductible donation to the Debbie Mason Memorial Garden will be applied 100% to the project.  

Debbie and her beloved Yorkie

 To honor and remember Debbie Mason, the first and only first lady of Peachtree Corners, who passed away after a long battle with cancer, a memorial park is being built.

Debbie Mason Memorial Park Committee Members

     Bob Ballagh

     Pat Bruschini

     Lynette Howard

     Dave Huffman

     Sarah Roberts

     Gay Shook

     Robyn Unger

Debbie Mason Memorial Goal


Artist's Sketch of Debbie's Garden

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